As a Doctor, I cannot sit by as I see first-hand the damaging effects of a high-sugar diet in our children.

We’ve attempted to tackle this head on, call upon all my knowledge and experience as a Doctor, dad and Co-Founder of Dr. Will's to bring to life the truth on sugar.

Joining forces with some of the most powerful brands in the business with the same mission at their core, we have put together a whitepaper to highlight the facts and figures on what parents know about sugar in their children’s diets.

Download our whitepaper, have a read of what we’ve found out and then use our look, stop, swap portal as a resource to help you make small swaps in your day to day life and find out my tips for cutting down sugar.

Our Swap Box

  • Dr. Will’s All natural tomato ketchup
  • Well & Truly Banging BBQ crunchies
  • Tweek Sweets Fruity Fresh
  • The Curators Pork Puffs
  • Spoon Granola Cinnamon & Pecan
  • Nix&Kix Sparking Mango & Ginger
  • Manilife Crunchy Peanut Butter

All profits from our Swap boxes will be donated to World Central Kitchen who are providing meals and crisis response for those who need it in Ukraine.

Thank you for your support, all orders will be delivered after 15th April, do bear with us while we pack them all.


“These have a great intense flavour (the BBQ in particular ones are my new go-to) and they’re not bad for you. I’ll certainly be replacing my usual daily bag of crisps with some of these instead.” JAKE

“Such great natural flavour combos and they don't have that sicky sweetness that most soft drinks have. Can't recommend them enough!” KAS

“This is my favourite granola you can buy - incredibly moorish and feels such a treat. Also, great ingredients and not too sweet would definitely recommend! ” WAITROSE SHOPPER

“I'm currently 4 weeks into a keto diet and had been looking for something to replace my crisps addiction with! The salt and vinegar flavoured pork puffs are amazing! So glad I've found these!” RICK

"I think your candy is the best thing to happen since the wheel was invented!" TOBIAS

"This is super tasty and no nasties included in the ingredients so I feel good giving it to my daughter too" LILLIAN

Reminiscent of popular corn based cheese snacks from other countries - in the best possible way! Love these LAURA

A bit of everything, a bit sweet, a bit peanut buttery, a bit dark chocolate, a bit oily. Nice way to have a treat without a sugar crash. PAM

The Doctor’s Sugar swaps

Dr. Will’s Tomato Ketchup

The sauce that started it all, the classic all rounder made properly. Sweetened naturally. Vine ripened tomatoes. Full flavour. No gunk, no junk.

Tweek Sweets

TWEEK Sweets is the company that has revolutionized the candy world with its innovative ingredients and natural ingredients. TWEEKs sweets contains 95% less sugar and up to 45% fewer calories than traditional sweets, have a high fiber content and only natural flavors and colors. TWEEK - your sweets with benefits!

Well& Truly Crunchies

We’ve given our crisps a proper sweet and savoury rubdown and nearly thrown them on the grill to get the most BANG in each bite. If you’ve always wondered how to replicate the smokiness of a BBQ in your mouth, these are how. Oh, and the succulent meaty flavour? All vegan. Pinky swear.


Spoon Cereals is a London-based, family business on a mission to make breakfast better - Better ingredients, better for you, better for the planet. Their range of award-winning granolas are baked in small batches for a fresher granola, and with ingredients that are nutritionally dense, plant-based and sourced locally wherever possible.

Nix & Kix

Lightly sparkling drink of full bodied mango paired with earthy ginger, a zing of cayenne and other fruit juices.


Irresistibly creamy with a BIG bold crunch. Our original recipe from the summer of 2015. Deliciously thick and delectably creamy with BIG crunchy pieces. Made from the finest whole peanuts, grown by our good friends on their family-run farm in Argentina.

BEPPS Snacks - BBQ Flavour

Our NEW Popped Chickpea with Black-eyed pea inclusion chips are flavoured with a vegan, rich BBQ sauce creating a deliciously smokey, sweet and true BBQ snack.

The Curators Pork Puffs

Bold on Flavour, Big on Nutrition. Inspired by Latin street-food snacks "Chicharrones", our fabulous Pork Puffs are made from the finest pork rind, hot flashed for a light and crunchy texture and packed full of natural high protein. A great low carb alternative to regular potato crisps or sweet snacks.

Dr. Will’s BBQ

A great British sauce for the Great British barbecue. Sweet, sticky, smokey. Superb.

Susanna Guinn

Mum to 3-year old & 10-month old

"I try really hard to limit the obvious sugary treats for my three-year-old (sweets, chocolate, sugary drinks etc.) but what worries me is that unless I cook completely from scratch, it seems like all pre-packaged products have so much sugar in them."

Emily Rahman

"As a mum I find it useful to always check the products labels to see how much sugar is put in. I think food brands should be more clear and also reduce how much sugar they put in their products. I use Dr. Will’s sauces, they use dates to sweeten their product's and they taste absolutely delicious.


We can find alternatives that taste just as good as sweets and fatty foods which are even better when we know they don’t have a negative effect on the body. I find the Dr Wills brand a more natural way of satisfying my children's cravings without sacrificing on taste. I’d like to see more brands using these unrefined natural ingredients whilst remaining tasty and affordable.

Laura Hayward, 34, Leigh-On-Sea

"I read somewhere that there are over 60 different names for added sugar, I think some companies use this ridiculously vast vocabulary to disguise added sugar in foods! I quickly realised when shopping for Theo, that just because foods say fortified or whole grain doesn’t mean it doesn’t also contain lots of sugar. I want to be confident that I can give my toddler the occasional sugary treat, knowing that he’s not had hidden sugar elsewhere in his diet."

Rachael Brannigan, 32, Upminster

"I'm constantly trying to check labels for sugar content to make sure I'm not unknowingly giving my children more sugar - but I have to admit, I don't always know what I'm looking for! I wish brands could make it easier by just being more upfront about what's included, and not trying to disguise the bad stuff as something else."

Shona Ferguson

(Mum to 4-year old & 1-year old)

In the past, I have been very restrictive with refined sugar (chocolates and sweets) when it comes to the kids and tried to only offer healthy alternatives but that has just made Ethan obsessed with it! I don’t think this was the right approach for us… Now I am focusing on moderation… a little sugar each day will not cause any huge issues and it means Ethan is much less obsessed."

Keli Magnus

I give my children one snack per day. I offer humous/nuts instead. I avoid sugar evenings as it makes them hyper. Birthdays/holidays it’s harder. Brands should state on packaging a recommended intake per/day and the government should do more to educate us on the impact of sugar on our health.

70% of parents don’t know how much sugar their children are allowed in their diets.

Response from Dr. Will

'Finding the right balance of sugar in our children's diets can feel like a constant juggling act - especially when you're up against some seriously clever marketing tactics. But hope is not lost, thanks to the ever-increasing amount of healthy alternatives making their way into the supermarkets. We should all aim to reduce our children's daily total sugar consumption, and these simple swaps will support with that.'