Dr. Will's Delicious Chicken Caesar Salad

Our foodie friend, the London Food Flirt made us this awesome Caesar Salad with our new vegan Caesar Dressing. 


1 x slice of sourdough

A splash of olive Olive Oil

A Handful of baby lettuce,

1 x Egg

A few green olives

1x Chicken breast

A grating of parmesan 

1x Bottle of Dr. Will's Caesar sauce 


Slice your sourdough into little chunks and fry it off in a little olive oil, once crispy, set to one side. These are your homemade croutons. 

Chop your chicken breast into chunks and with a little oil, fry this off in a pan. 

While this is cooking, boil some water and when it starts bubbling add in your egg.

Slice your baby gem leaves and add to the base of your bowl. 

When you chicken is cooked add these to the bowl. 

When your egg is boiled, run it under cold water, peel it, slice in half and add it to your salad. 

Sprinkle olives, parmesan and a generous dollop of Dr. Will's Caesar dressing on top. 

Serve up and enjoy.

Get our Caesar Dressing from here. 


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