Red Onion, Goat's Cheese and Beetroot #onepanpizza

Dr Will's Beetroot Ketchup One Pan Pizza Goat's Cheese

This week in our Quick ’n’ Easy series is a feel-good, one pan wonder that tastes as good as it looks.Our zingy Beetroot Ketchup combines with creamy goat's cheese for an easy simple supper that all the family will love.


Full ingredients and recipe listed below:


Ingredients (makes one flatbread):

Tortilla wrap

3 Tbsp Dr Will’s Beetroot Ketchup

1 small red onion, sliced

30g soft goat's cheese

Fresh basil



Heat up your frying pan to a medium/ high heat, and cook your onions in a little butter or oil until soft. Remove from the pan.


Place your tortilla into the hot pan. Spread Dr Will’s Beetroot Ketchup over the tortilla and top with the crumbled goat's cheese. Add the onions back on top, and leave to cook until the cheese melts.


Finish with freshly torn basil and ground black pepper.


Alternatively, place all your ingredients onto the tortilla and place in a 180° oven for around 5 minutes or until the outsides of the tortilla are crisp. 

A seriously quick and seriously tasty #onepanpizza recipe that combines creamy goat's cheese with zingy Beetroot Ketchup. A speedy and simple recipe that won't break the bank.

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