No Bake 'Baked Eggs'

There are endless variations of this recipe, as you could add any leftover veg you have in the fridge, but we’ve used spicy chorizo, creamy feta and a big dollop of tangy Tomato Ketchup to make ours.



Olive oil

1 spicy chorizo sausage, slice

2 cloves garlic, crushed

1 small green pepper, sliced

Handful cherry tomatoes, halved

3 Tbsp Dr Will’s Tomato Ketchup

1 can of tinned tomatoes

2 tsp Smoked paprika

2 tsp Chilli flakes

1 small bunch of fresh coriander, chopped

4 eggs

Handful of feta

Sourdough bread



In a griddle pan or skillet, heat the olive oil over a medium heat. Once it’s hot, add your chorizo and garlic and fry for a couple of minutes, stirring occasionally so the garlic doesn’t burn.


Add the cherry tomatoes, pepper and Dr Will’s Tomato Ketchup, and pour over the tinned tomatoes. Sprinkle over the smoked paprika and chilli flakes, and give a good grind of salt and pepper.Give everything a stir and leave for the liquid to reduce for around 10 minutes.


Add in half of the chopped coriander, mix well, and break the four eggs into the sauce to poach.Once the eggs are almost cooked, crumble the feta over the top and sprinkle the remaining coriander on.


Serve with the toasted sourdough for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. 

This Shakshuka inspired recipe doesn’t stick to the traditional middle eastern ingredients, rather it’s a great way to use up leftover veg in the fridge.

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